Jazz Appreciation Month

April 2023

Bold, intellectual, ground breaking, original, phenomenal, and profound. This is jazz. The genre of music centered around improvisation and rooted in the history of the black American experience. Jazz, a cultural influencer that shaped and molded the trajectory of modern music and musicians of today. Amazing, historic, and a part of the American musical story. Created by people of the African diaspora, rich in creativity, jazz is a treasure to be celebrated, honored and heard all over the world. Because of its importance, jazz is taught in schools and educational institutions all over the world. Jazz matters, and it is relevant, so that is why it is important that we celebrate the intelligent and brilliant creators that influenced the world. In 2001, the Smithsonian Museum of American History founded Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM). So in honor of the legends, giants, ground breakers, and monumental figures of jazz, people all over the world will be cherishing jazz and the musicians that created it all month long. JazzSpire would like to say thank you to the jazz elders that came before us and today’s modern day pioneers. Thank you for sharing your gifts, courage and creativity.

Improvise Life,

Greg and Samika

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