Prepare for the YES!

March 2023

We have heard many people say that the hurdles and challenges you may be facing today, are a part of the preparation for your destination tomorrow. At each stage of the journey, you are being prepared to rise above the difficulties, become a stronger you, and face obstacles that are preparing you for the next step. There are opportunities for growth and self-betterment in the valleys, the long climbs, and the discouraging moments. Sometimes, it’s about going through the process of becoming a better artist, creative leader, and problem solver, so that ultimately your artistry manifests opportunities for you.  Opportunities to serve others, opportunities to create more, opportunities to disseminate the artistic work of others, and opportunities to make your ambitions come to fruition.  This cultivation of skills, trial by fire preparation, and practice is molding you into the person who will be ready when the answer to what you want is - yes. So what happens when you ask for what you want, and you get it? Be prepared, stay in a mode self-development, and remember the lessons you have learned along the way. Because that thing that you asked for, is probably right around the corner. So, prepare for the yes and enjoy the moment when it comes.

Thank you, we appreciate you, and smile.

Celebrate Women’s History Month

Greg & Samika


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