Merry Networking - Merry Christmas

December 2022

Recently, JazzSpire was working on the touring schedule for Greg’s upcoming album release “Savannah Blue” in 2023. One thing that became really impactful during this process was connecting with current and past contacts and networks to book show dates at various venues. It became clear that having a network of allies to give advice, offer another contact, or give a recommendation was an important component of expanding our reach.  Through our network, we were able to go further with others, then we could have alone. As artists, it is important for us to continue to expand our network so that we can expand our ability to share our art with others. Sometimes, we will come across road blocks and hurdles as we move forward towards accomplishing our artistic dreams. Having a network to rally around you, give guidance, provide encouragement, or share a personal learning experience can be crucial. As a community of creators, let’s keep growing, supporting, and networking with each other. As a wonderful person once told us “it’s going to work - or - it’s going to work.” So, keep going for it!

Merry Networking and Merry Christmas.



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