Declare, Decide and be Determined in 2024

 December 2023

I am a huge Misty Copeland fan. Greg and I saw her perform at the Met in New York City in 2017. She inspires me, brings a voice to so many dancers of color, and lives in her own truth as a mother, wife, entrepreneur, and professional ballet dancer. 

As we all close out the year and reflect on the journey of 2023, I would like to share a quote from Mrs. Copeland that sends us a message for 2024 and beyond. 

“Decide what you want. Declare it to the world. See yourself winning. And remember that if you are persistent as well as patient, you can get whatever you seek.” Misty Copeland

Have a wonderful holiday season, and claim all of the marvelous joy awaiting you in 2024. 

Declare, Decide and be Determined! 

Improvise Life,



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