A Season of Growth: Your Best Creative Self

October & November 2023

By definition, growth is “the process of developing or maturing physically, mentally or spiritually.”

When growing physically, a person may experience growing pains, discomfort, soreness, aches and tender muscles. And when pushing your body to its max through exercise, you may experience your personal max of physical excursion. Plainly stated, growth can be uncomfortable.

When growing mentally, the mindsets that you have had in the past, may not be the mindsets you need for your future. Thinking patterns, can have a domino effect. I have learned that how you think, affects your feelings, which can then affect your behaviors. How does your mental growth guide your actions, expectations and your outcomes? Growth and the development of healthy thoughts can influence your goals, how you monitor your progress and how you continue to go after what you want, although you may have setbacks. 

Spiritual growth is the anchor to it all. Rooted in your beliefs, your faith and the essence of who you are.  Spiritual growth can center you, bring you joy and peace and feed you, when nothing else can. 

This is a season of growth for many people. A season of change, development, evolution, faith, patience, kindness, perseverance, and triumph. Claim your season. Grow into this season of stepping into the next place in your life. Growth physically through physical wellness, mental growth through healthy thought patterns, and spiritual development is a trifecta of power. 

Smile, keep growing and use your power. It suits you! 

Improvise Life,



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