It’s Time to Vote!

August 2023

South X Southwest Conference & Festival is happening March 8-16, 2024 in Austin, TX, and JazzSpire submitted a proposal for consideration to present a workshop. The workshop is entitled Jazz: A Metaphor for How to Live Life Without Limits. This session is rooted in understanding the foundational elements of jazz music and how they can apply to having a growth mindset, and living life without limits. Jazz has no boundaries or limitations and represents what is possible when creative minds come together to unify and become one. Improvisation, swing, and ensemble cohesion are all critical elements of jazz, America's classical music. Jazz allows the performer(s) to dictate their musical path, trajectory and grow the music and create solutions on the spot, which can be a metaphor for how to live life without limits.

Takeaways from the Session:

1. Understand how jazz can be a metaphor for how to live life without boundaries.

2. Understand how jazz can grow your mindset and bring creative opportunities for development.

3. Understand how supporting jazz and the arts enriches our lives, communities, and American history.

As part of the SXSW proposal process, the public has a voice in what sessions are programmed for the 2024 event. As a result, community voting is now open through August 20, 2023. The public can vote, make comments, leave feedback, and give input regarding what sessions are selected and included in the 2024 program.

Click here to visit JazzSpire’s voting page. We hope to see you in Austin, TX in March 2024.

Improvise Life,

Greg & Samika

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