Carry the Torch

February 2023

Someone mentioned to me recently the phrase “carry the torch” in a conversation I was having about legacy and respecting the past contributions of others. For some reason, the phrase struck with me for a few moments, hours, then days. As I pondered on the words “carry the torch” and thought about its meaning, I began a Google search on what the words really meant and where the phrase came from.  I learned that the phrase is linked in its history to women singing songs about unrequited love, love not returned, or love not reciprocated. These songs became known as torch songs. Coincidentally, I thought about this month (February), the month that we as a nation collectively celebrate love. There are periods in our global history where so many artists, creators, inventors, and brilliant minds were not, loved, or embraced. Although they faced so many insurmountable challenges, they still forged forward by performed, painting, writing, dancing, and inspiring others through their artistry. This month’s blog is dedicated to artistic innovators that came before us and made monumental sacrifices so that creators and innovators would have a space in the creative market place today. My hope is that we, as a collective body of creators and supporters of the arts will “carry the torch” and pass on the legacy of past creative pioneers by keeping the arts alive. Making art available to everyone, everywhere. My hope is that we celebrate the artist’s of today, and “show them some love.”

10 Ways to “Show Some Love” to an artist:

Go see a live performance

Buy a work of art and share it on social media

Go to an art museum and take a friend

Go to a local school’s theatre and/or music performance or art exhibition

Donate to a national, regional, and/or local arts organization

Support arts education in your local community

Buy an album or merchandise from an artist

Take an art class from an artist

Watch documentaries on artists and their contributions to society

Volunteer at your local arts council, performing arts center or arts organization

Let us carry the torch together and preserve the legacy of artists that came before us.

Celebrate Black History Month



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